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We are intentional about our values and aspire to bring each one to life in our relationships, approach to programming and day-to-day culture at HaRT.

Radical Acceptance

Fundamental belief that we are all whole and complete, precisely as we are—no one is ‘broken’
or in need of ‘fixing.’ 

Supportive Relationships

Strive for reciprocal, respectful connections because women and girls thrive when we experience solidarity and mutual support.

Generosity of Spirit

 Assume that we are all trying our best, and that
‘off’ moments are likely triggered by surrounding circumstances.

Authentic Expression

Cultivate spaces that promote openness and honesty, where all emotions are welcome.

Trauma Informed

Center the inherent dignity, personal agency, and safety (emotional and physical) of every participant.

Equitable Access

Challenge injustices–including within the ‘wellbeing’ industry that excludes and marginalizes many groups.

Elevate Power

Nurture personal and collective power and strive to make imbalances in power and privilege visible, so they can be addressed.

Lifelong Practice

Develop skills and resources that can be continued, shared and enhanced, over lifetimes.

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