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We collaborate with values-aligned organizations to bring Move with HaRT to diverse
communities. Our current partnerships are in Uganda and the Philippines.

Eleison Foundation

Eleison is a private operating foundation that implements and funds empowerment-based, trauma-informed research and programming with survivors of human trafficking and gender-based violence. We are collaborating on cultural and contextual adaptation of HaRT for survivors in the Philippines—our first partnership out of Uganda!

Komo Learning Centres

Komo facilitates radical changes in health and education systems. We are working with Komo’s team to understand the Move with HaRT approach and explore possibilities of bringing the program to secondary schools through their ‘Do it Yourself’ clubs.


EverFree (formerly Willow international) is an anti-trafficking organization committed to service provision and advocacy work. We been in partnership with their Uganda team since 2016, and they currently implement Move with HaRT as part of their holistic, shelter-based programming.

The Mentoring and Empowerment Programme for Young Women


MEMPROW is a feminist organisation that brings together girls and young women  from across the African region and works to provide the skills and knowledge that they need to become successful, confident and self-reliant individuals. We are working together to integrate Move with HaRT as a collective care component of their leadership training for activists.

Nama Wellness Community Centre

NAWEC has a four pillar strategy to strengthen community health in Mukono District (Uganda). We are currently implementing Move with HaRT with their frontline staff, who will subsequently take the program into a community setting with women and girls experiencing depression and other mental health challenges.

Karuna Yoga Journeys

Karuna designs unique yoga teacher training and retreat experiences focused on compassion and community building. Move with HaRT is included in their module on trauma sensitive and inclusive yoga teaching and practice.

*If you would like to explore a partnership with HaRT please send us a message!

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