Feasibility Pilot (2017)

In early 2017 we partnered with Willow to determine if it was feasible to implement Move with HaRT within their shelters for survivors of human trafficking. We ran the program with two groups (in different shelters) and were encouraged by promising results: high attendance, improvements in self-reported mental health symptoms, and most importantly, enthusiastic participation in the program. Read more here!


OMPowerment Training (2019)

In October 2019 we partnered with The OMPowerment Project to offer a 35-hour training in leadership development and trauma-sensitive yoga with 10 women and girls residing in Willow shelters. This was followed by a training for HaRT  facilitators, which delved further into the specifics of HaRT's methodology, guiding principles, and facilitation details. Please click here for more information.

Evaluation Study (2020)

With support from the University of Alabama, we completed an evaluation of Move with HaRT using both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Ongoing learning has provided participant-driven input into the program design and revisions to the curriculum, which are currently underway. Overall findings are very encouraging, showing promising signs of meaningful changes in overall mental health and various aspects of physical, psychological and social wellbeing. Stay tuned for more findings soon!

HaRT Cebu Pilot (2022)

With our partners at the Eleison Foundation we have adapted our curriculum for Cebu in the Philippines. We are currently implementing a pilot of HaRT Cebu as part of their community-based programming for survivors. Findings will provide key learning about the adaptation and any positive changes on symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD.


Willow International

Willow is a Uganda-based anti-trafficking organization committed to service provision and advocacy work. They are implementing Move with HaRT as part of their holistic, shelter-based programming.

University of Alabama

The School of Social Work is committed to ending adverse social conditional promoting societal well-being through teaching, research and service. They have programs addressing human trafficking in Alabama, Uganda and the Philippines and are supported the Move with HaRT 2020 evaluation.

Eleison Foundation

Eleison is a private operating foundation that implements and funds empowerment-based, trauma-informed research and programming with survivors of human trafficking and gender-based violence. Eleison conducts three economic empowerment programs, a Motivational Interviewing training program for service providers, and an active portfolio of participatory research with survivors in the Philippines. They supported development of the Move with HaRT curriculum and since 2021 we have been collaborating on a cultural and contextual adaptation of the program for the Philippines.

Komo Learning Centres

Komo facilitates radical changes in health and education systems. We are currently collaborating to implement Move with HaRT with their frontline staff, who will subsequently take the program into a community setting with women and girls experiencing depression and other mental health challenges. 

Karuna Yoga Journeys

Karuna designs unique yoga teacher training and retreat experiences focused on compassion and community building. Move with HaRT is included in their module on trauma sensitive and inclusive yoga teaching and practice.