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Move with HaRT is intended for every body, size, fitness level, faith, etc. It does not matter whether participants are completely new or have a dedicated movement practice already. Using a trauma-informed approach, we emphasize safety and choice throughout. Participants choose what to try, what to skip, what to believe, and what to ignore.



Move with HaRT is a twelve week mind-body program that accompanies women and girls on their healing journeys.

Our curriculum is organized around three themes: Safety in the Body, Radical Self Love, and Compassion in Action. Weekly 90-minute sessions include breathwork, yoga poses, guided relaxation, mindfulness exercises and interactive discussions, including a 'closing circle' reflection.


We implement Move with HaRT in partnership with like-minded organizations who support survivors of gender-based violence. Sessions are guided by a trained facilitator, and HaRT provides ongoing technical assistance to adapt and/or integrate the program as needed. 

Recent advances in trauma theory and neuroscience reveal how trauma can be stored in the body. This embodied trauma can cause a dysregulated nervous system, potentially leading to poor physical and mental health. However the body also holds promise for healing! Intentional movement and breathwork in a supportive environment can be therapeutic, improving physical and emotional health and social connections. We believe there are several mechanisms through which our program supports holistic wellbeing, for example:


  • Restore balance in the nervous system by triggering parasympathetic (‘rest and digest’) response through vagal nerve activation and abdominal breathing.

  • Restore self agency through direct experiences of making informed choices and feeling physical strength in the body.

  • Alleviate social isolation by building a supportive community.

Read more about the science behind Move with HaRT here!


What is trauma?

Trauma is anything that overwhelms us and undermines our ability to cope and respond, leaving us feeling helplessness, hopelessness and out of control. Trauma is deeply embedded in the human experience and affects all of us to a certain extent, and most of the time, with support, we can move through trauma safely. However some individuals experience long-term consequences, requiring more compassion and support.
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