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At HaRT, we are dedicated to using and generating evidence to enhance quality and impact.
Our approach embeds learning at every step of program design, implementation and refinement.


In 2020, we partnered with the University of Alabama and EverFree to conduct a quasi-experimental study of
Move with HaRT with survivors of human trafficking in Kampala, Uganda.  Study results showed promising impacts on physical, mental, and social wellbeing. With this 'proof of concept' established, we are now moving to a 'proof of impact' phase. Learn more about our randomized-controlled study--the SHiNE initiative--here

HaRT participants reported positive changes in their . . . 


Mental Wellbeing: Statistically significant reductions in PTSD, depression, and anxiety symptoms.


Physical Wellbeing: Less pain, increased energy, and better sleep.

Social Wellbeing: Improved sense of trust, compassion for self and others, and perceived social support.


We aspire to bring a unique, trauma-informed lens to all our research and learning activities.  This helps promote safety and compassion for both participants and researchers. In Researching with HaRT, we collaborated with the Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) to highlight our approach as a 'best-practice' case study.

HaRT has given me the power, strength and braveness to stand and take up any situation.

I  would recommend yoga to other girls because when you do HaRT, you live in peace. You feel like the peace is all yours. You feel all the love is yours. You feel relaxed, your mind is relaxed without any pressure. You start looking at the challenges that you are facing as nothing, they do not weigh you down.

To me, I think yoga is a therapy.
It takes your body through an adventure and discovery . . . so in the long run you find that it may lead to healing of heart, body and soul.

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