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Supporting women & girls to experience healing, resilience and wellbeing

Healing and Resilience after Trauma (HaRT) supports women and
girls to experience healing, resilience and wellbeing.

Founded in 2016, we are a feminist organization focused on mind-body approaches for women and girls affected by gender-based violence. Our main program—Move with HaRT—provides a compassionate space for participants to connect with their inner resilience, build a supportive community, and collectively heal. The approach is anchored to a fundamental belief in our innate wholeness and a desire to expand access to contemplative practices. Move with HaRT recognizes the broader context of systemic inequality that is the root cause of gender-based violence and often makes it difficult for women and girls to thrive. HaRT also works to create supportive and healing spaces for gender-based violence activists, staff, and researchers.


We are currently expanding our Partnerships in Uganda and the Philippines.

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